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Veterinarians in the United States of America are those professionals involved in the treatment and curing of animal diseases. Animals being playing a very important role in human’s life are very well understood by these veterinarians. And they care about these animals devotedly by giving them medication and cure for their diseases. America also established many hospitals especially for animals where vets work day and night to heal the animals.

Being a whole field of medical, vets also get specialized like in treating wild animals, small animals or large farm animals. Vets can work with all kinds of animals or can get associated with just one type. Veterinarians also specialize in medicines, like those called veterinary dermatologist treat the animal’s skin problems and other may work on human or animal diseases. But before the specialization, two or three years of college with science classes are very important and after that if the veterinary school test is cleared the schools takes the student. Then there begins the four year of training of veterinarians and at the end graduating with the Doctor degree of Veterinary Medicine (DMV). And then a test of NAVLE or North American Veterinary Licensing Exam is conducted, after which a vet can start practicing.

Most vets treat animals directly in a clinical setting. And some may be involved with general practicing while others may associate with special branches like for horses, zoo animals, live stocks and companion animals. Internal medicine, dermatology or surgeries are narrow disciplines that can be specialized in. Vets have to face many ethical decisions as well about their patient’s care, while working with health professionals. Like these days debate is about the animals’ cosmetic surgeries, such as, debarking of dogs, cropping of ears, docking of tails and declawing of cats.

With dogs being treated as a high profile animal in America, most of the clinics are of cats and dogs. Most animals may have same anatomy but they vary from that of humans so their treatment and medicines both are different. That is why a separate field of medical studies is associated with it. And animals being a speechless creature, it is difficult to diagnose their disease, so these veterinarians in US are very specialized in diagnosing animals. Plus many US veterinarians are trained to understand the mental processes and the behaviors of animals that would help in the treatment of the disease.

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